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Progressive Judaism in Florence

Congregational activities 5783


If you would like to join our services, please contact us for information (see the Contact us page for details).

(Note: Shir Hadash does not conduct services every week. If you don't see a particular date on the calendar below,

it means we will not be having services that day.)

Please consider offering a financial contribution: Shir Hadash is a small congregation and we need funds

to continue our activities.

The calendar is accurate at the moment of publication. Please check again for possible future changes.


Meet and Greet Havdalah: Saturday 17 September, 6:30 PM

to welcome Rabbi Yoel Kahn and Dan Bellm. Apericena will be provided, people should not bring their own food. If you are coming, please RSVP to or through Facebook Messenger so we can get a headcount.

Note: During the High Holy days, we ask non-member guests for a minimum contribution of €25 (adults),

€15 (students) for each session. Please contact us for details.

EREV ROSH HASHANAH: Sunday 25 September, 8:00 PM

Because of ongoing Covid infections, we will not have our usual pot luck meal after services,

but each person is invited to bring something sweet for themselves so that we can celebrate

a sweet new year together.

​ROSH HASHANAH: Monday 26 September, 10:00 AM

After services, we will walk to the banks of the Arno for Tashlich.


​​EREV YOM KIPPUR: Tuesday 4 October, 8:30 PM

YOM KIPPUR: Wednesday 5 October 

Shacharit:      10:30 AM

Yizkor/Neilah:  6:15 PM

To break the fast together, and still reduce the risk of Covid transmission

we will not be sharing food, but ask that everyone bring their own.

Sukkot: Saturday, 15 October, 12 PM

Lunch in the sukkah followed by sukkoth activities.

Kabbalah Shabbat: Friday 21 October with Cantor Tara Abrams, 8:30 PM

Havdalah per i giovani: Saturday 22 October

Adult ed: Sunday 23 October, 10:00 AM


Kabbalah Shabbat: Friday 4 November, 8:00 PM

Havdalah per i giovani: Saturday 5 November

Adult ed: Sunday 6 November, 10:00 AM

Kabbalah Shabbat: Friday 18 November, 8:00 PM

Havdalah per i giovani: Saturday 19 November

Adult ed: Sunday 20 November, 10:00 AM


Erev Shabbat: Friday 2 December, 8:00 PM

Erev Shabbat: Friday 16 December, 8:00 PM, on Zoom with Rabbi Kahn

Hannukah begins the evening of December 18 (first candle)


Erev Shabbat: Friday 13 January, 8:00 PM

Erev Shabbat: Friday 27 January, 7:00 PM, on Zoom with Rabbi Kahn


Erev Shabbat: Friday 10 February, 8:00 PM

Erev Shabbat: Friday 24 February, 7:00 PM, on Zoom with Rabbi Kahn


Havdalah: Saturday 11 March, with Purim Party

Erev Shabbat: Friday 24 March, 7:00 PM, on Zoom with Rabbi Kahn


Pesach: Wednesday 5 April

Erev Shabbat: Friday 21 April, 7:00 PM, on Zoom with Rabbi Kahn


Erev Shabbat: Friday 5 May, 8:00 PM

Erev Shabbat: Friday 19 May, 7:00 PM, on Zoom with Rabbi Kahn

Erev Shabbat: Friday 9 June, 8:00 PM with guest Rabbi Gordon







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